Thecus® Authorizes DriverSavers® to provide Data Recovery services

Thecus Technology Corp has authorized DriveSavers to offer professional data recovery services to Thecus users worldwide. By owning and operating a NAS, you are ensuring that your vital information is secure. Unfortunately in the rare cases of multiple hard-drives failure, acts of god, or failing to backup when installing a new operation system or reformatting, it is a sad reality that data loss can still occur.

When data loss strikes, it can leave you without access to valuable information. However, with advanced recovery techniques, seeming lost data can be recovered. DriveSavers has been providing data recovery solutions for home users and businesses around the globe since 1985. DriveSavers utilizes first-class data recovery facilities, with their team of expert engineers being trained and certified in all leading encryption and forensics technologies.

How do DriveSavers Data Recovery operate?

DriveSavers utilizes a professional Data Recovery lab; engineers open and perform “microsurgery” on failed external hard drives in a dust– and contaminant-free cleanroom environment, recovering usable data files from all types of storage devices. They handle every kind of data loss situation including mechanical failure, physical, water and fire damage, data corruption, file deletions, head crashes and more.

If you need data recovery, contact DriveSavers and mention Thecus for 10% off your data recovery service.

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