Simplified Data Management with Windows Storage Server Dashboard


Thecus WSS 2012 R2 Essentials NAS help small businesses operate at the same technology level as much larger organizations. Users can continue to work in ways that are already familiar to them with easy access to shared storage from any location and any device. The WSS Essentials software also features an administrative Dashboard which simplifies the tasks that you perform to manage your network and server.

The Dashboard provides a central portal for common administrative tasks such as managing users, devices and even cloud services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Backup. By using the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard, you can:

    – View server alerts and take action on them
    – Set up and change server settings
    – Access or search for Help topics on the web
    – Access Community resources on the web
    – Manage user accounts and backups
    – Manage access and settings for server folders and hard drives
    – View and manage add-in applications
    – Integrate with Microsoft online services, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Backup.

You can access the Dashboard directly from the server desktop, from a computer that is connected to the Windows Server Essentials network, or from a remote computer through Remote Web Access.


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