Partnering Up with a Thecus® NAS at School


The new century has brought new changes to the educational system. Perhaps the most important was the introduction of technology into the classroom. Managing the complexity of the new technology and access to it has become a necessity. School systems are switching from traditional hardcopy books to digital versions via interactive platforms such as Moodle.  With Thecus NAS, these complex systems are made simple and easily manageable.

Your data at the school

Firstly, your data will be physically at the school.  That means you know where your data is and you can access it using LAN.  Besides, as you don´t need to contract third party servers, you will save money because you only need to take care of the electricity consumption, which is less than a computer.

Nowadays, organizations like UNESCO are focusing on the importance of IT in education. A single NAS can help you take care of features such as blogs, data storage, LMS like Moodle and CMS  like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla .


You can also synchronize the loudspeakers to your NAS. You will be able to give notifications whenever you want and wherever you want (mobile access).

Make everything easier

The administration of a school can be hard work. Thecus wants to help you with everything you need in order to be as effective as possible. The data, critical or not, can be backed up for security. Setting different access levels and even managing printers are possible as well.


Success story

Let´s put the hypothetic example of a Senior High school in northern California. A Spanish class of 20 students are learning Spanish. The teacher has created a sharing folder with all the materials for the class plus extra activities like games, songs and movies. The students can access this material and they can share their own materials as well.


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