Industry-Based Solutions: Thecus® delivering a better learning environment for educators and students

The integration of information technology has expanded exponentially with governments implementing programs to educate students on the evolving world of IT. With its unique ability to increase the effectiveness of teaching, learning, sharing information and research, the use of information has become commonplace in the classroom. Thecus NAS provide an intuitive, easy to use, and cost effective solution to empower students and teachers with a better learning environment.

Easy Flow of Information

Through shared folders students can share information, research, and collaborate on coursework and team projects. Educators are provided with a central portal to distribute assignments, notices and coursework information.

Convenient Integration

Thecus NAS are offered in both Linux and Windows-based environments. This allows users with either pre-existing environment to easily integrate a Thecus NAS into their infrastructure. With numerous education applications for both environments, educators will have a host of resources at their fingertips.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether students are at school, at home or on the road, access to data on the Thecus NAS will be easily accessible with free DDNS support. The app, which supports both iOS and Android, enables users to access, copy, stream, and edit any data between their NAS and mobile device.


For the storage needs of a single classroom, the Thecus N2810PRO or the N4810 – or the W2810PRO and W4810 Windows-NAS – each with two and four bays respectively, provide the processing power and applications needed.

For universities and colleges that need a central server, Thecus enterprise rackmount NAS like the N12910SAS and N16910SAS – or W12910SAS and W16910SAS with Windows – each for 12 and 16 hard drives respectively – are fast network storage solutions providing a lot of storage capacity.

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