How do you publish your NAS on the Internet?

The first step to connecting to your NAS through the Internet is setting up a DDNS for your device.

When users are setting up their NAS with the Intelligent NAS utility for the first time, they will be prompted to create their very own Thecus ID (or to log in with their ID if they already have one). But what exactly are the benefits of having a Thecus ID? One of the reasons to create a Thecus ID is that it gives the user access to the Thecus® free DDNS service. 

Home network environment

Because everyone’s home network is different, for the next few steps we have created a new guide.


This document will guide you through checking your network environment and setting up your Thecus NAS to be accessible and configurable via the Internet. If you are unable to access services on your Thecus NAS via the Internet, this guide will also help you check your UPnP port forwarding settings. Examples of how to manually configure three different brands of router are also included.

Please find the latest version of the guide here:


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