How to maximize your ROI with Network Attached Storage

Any storage system will eventually fail to meet the needs of its business. To completely replace the current system, will breathe new life into an organization but it will involve a costly and intricate process. Upgrading the current system is the optimal choice from an economic and technological point of view. Extending the life of a complex and expensive piece of infrastructure increases its return on investment and the business processes that are tied to the system will not be interrupted. If this can be achieved with a relatively low price point, with the necessary improvements in performance made to perform its necessary tasks, then a company should definitely embrace this opportunity.

However, this cannot always be the case.  Companies are sometimes forced to the completely replace their current system due to two main factors. First, if the company plans to integrate new business applications, which will require a substantially higher performance and storage capacity. Second, if components that are needed to upgrade have been removed or no longer supported by the manufacturer. To prevent a business being limited in its future choices, they must when initially purchasing their storage device, carefully forecast what their business applications, computing power and capacity limits are to be for the foreseeable future.

To aid businesses in achieving the maximum ROI with their storage, Thecus® offers several solutions. For storage volume expansion, Daisy-Chain is available, well suited to enterprise-size organizations. With daisy chaining, users are able to link up to four 16-bay DAS units, N16000DAS, to achieve up to 800TB of capacity. Allowing for giant future expansion as a company grows. An alternative way to increase your system’s capacity is to upgrade your hard drives, Thecus NAS are now compatible with major brands that provide 10TByte drives for both consumer and business-level storage systems. Looking into speed of data transfers is also essential, Thecus’ latest network interface cards (NICs) that deliver increased connectivity to 10GbE functionality.

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