How to Increase VDI Boot Performance and Database Transactions with All-Flash Array

While IT departments are trying to control their IT budgets, the need to work with increasing amounts of data and user demands for quick storage access is rising. Often legacy storage systems are ill-equipped to face the I/O demands of a virtual infrastructure, with issues arising from of the write intensive nature of boot-up and login storms. All-flash arrays are able to address these performance challenges but do come with a higher price tag. When does the performance outweigh the cost? When time is money!

VDI Boot Performance

When a significant number of virtual machines boot up or login within a narrow time frame, a  demand for heavy IOPS from the backend occurs, which will overwhelm  a network with data requests. Unlike convential storage,  all-flash arrays deliver ultra-high random IOPS and ultra-low latency, eliminating all-at-once access problems .

Example 1 : In a large virtual destop environment where 500 computers boot up simultaneously on conventional hard drive basis it would on average take 15 minutes but an AFA reduces this to just  3 minutes.

Faster Transactional Performance.

For many database applications—from high-frequency trading to real-time risk management—microseconds translate to opportunities created or opportunities lost. The speed of a systems IOPS is critical to database performance, introduction of an all-flash array will  minimize I/O latency and accelerate transactional performance.

Example 2 : A government agency which needed to access a database of  hundreds of millions of database entries,  when using a conventional hard drive basis had a response time of 30 minutes. With the introduction of AFA it was reduced to  just  10  seconds.

An all-flash array solution allows for massive improvements in processing performance, deliver long term storage performance to the VDI environment. When deciding on All-Flash arrays, the higher the IOPS the better the storage system’s overall performance. Thecus’ LightningPro All-Flash Array series offer over 700,000 IOPS in 4KB random writes.


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