Comprehensive Thecus® Photo Center Unveiled with Introduction of ThecusOS 7.0

ThecusOS 7.0 provides a new, intuitive operating system that provides a comprehensive set of utilities that offers an unrivaled user experience.The latest ThecusOS brings many changes to Thecus NAS user´s experience and one of the most attractive ones is Photo Center.

Photo Center is an in-house developed app by Thecus Technology Corp. This intuitive module allows users to create a unique photo gallery to share files with friends and family. Photo Center is also a convenient tool to backup all your precious moments in a secure, central location that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

How to use it?

Getting started with Photo Center is very simple. To begin, the Thecus NAS administrator has to create one or more user accounts (the admin can not use Photo Center). Once a new session is begun on the OS, the user can simply click on the Photo Center icon located in the upper left side of the main page.

Once the app is opened, user can name and create new albums and select photos that they would like to have uploaded into the albums.

Now the new album is done.

Finally, users can easily share albums or single pictures with friends and family through a link or QR code. Simply select the album or picture and click “Share” and “Generate link or QR code.” Users can send the generated link or QR code and the receiver can use it to download the album/picture. For security, these can be password protected to ensure piece of mind.  Securely sharing pictures, has never been made easier.

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