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    Thecus® NAS Surveillance Center now available on ThecusOS 7.0

    July 20th, 2017

    Whether you are looking to safeguard your home or office, the Thecus Surveillance Center provides a user-friendly platform to manage your security system. This free App available for ThecusOS7 enables users to transform their Thecus NAS into a Network Video Recorder (NVR), allowing the configuration and deployment of multiple IP cameras into a single interface system, with real-time surveillance monitoring and playback.

    The Thecus Surveillance Center delivers seamless integration with ONVIF-compatible IP surveillance cameras. The IP compatibility list now includes almost every ONVIF-compatible IP camera. With the capacity to centralize management for up to 128 IP cameras, Thecus also delivers 8 free licenses.

    The Thecus Surveillance Center works with all major web browsers and is Mac compatible. Its permission management allows administrators to create user and administrator profiles according to their responsibilities. The real-time monitoring, scheduled recording and playback recording of the system, delivers users the flexibility to set up their security based on their own specific requirements.

    For round the clock security for your home and work environment, the Thecus Surveillance Center is ready to be downloaded and used now from the ThecusOS 7.0 App center.

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    How to Increase VDI Boot Performance and Database Transactions with All-Flash Array

    July 13th, 2017

    While IT departments are trying to control their IT budgets, the need to work with increasing amounts of data and user demands for quick storage access is rising. Often legacy storage systems are ill-equipped to face the I/O demands of a virtual infrastructure, with issues arising from of the write intensive nature of boot-up and login storms. All-flash arrays are able to address these performance challenges but do come with a higher price tag. When does the performance outweigh the cost? When time is money!

    VDI Boot Performance

    When a significant number of virtual machines boot up or login within a narrow time frame, a  demand for heavy IOPS from the backend occurs, which will overwhelm  a network with data requests. Unlike convential storage,  all-flash arrays deliver ultra-high random IOPS and ultra-low latency, eliminating all-at-once access problems .

    Example 1 : In a large virtual destop environment where 500 computers boot up simultaneously on conventional hard drive basis it would on average take 15 minutes but an AFA reduces this to just  3 minutes.

    Faster Transactional Performance.

    For many database applications—from high-frequency trading to real-time risk management—microseconds translate to opportunities created or opportunities lost. The speed of a systems IOPS is critical to database performance, introduction of an all-flash array will  minimize I/O latency and accelerate transactional performance.

    Example 2 : A government agency which needed to access a database of  hundreds of millions of database entries,  when using a conventional hard drive basis had a response time of 30 minutes. With the introduction of AFA it was reduced to  just  10  seconds.

    An all-flash array solution allows for massive improvements in processing performance, deliver long term storage performance to the VDI environment. When deciding on All-Flash arrays, the higher the IOPS the better the storage system’s overall performance. Thecus’ LightningPro All-Flash Array series offer over 700,000 IOPS in 4KB random writes.


    For more information about the LightningPRO SE300, go to:

    For more information about the LightningPRO SC180, go to:

    For more information on where to buy this product, please go to:

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    Expand your Mac Ecosystem with Thecus NAS

    July 6th, 2017

    Thecus NAS are engineered to provide flawless synergy with Apple products. For those of you who work in or operate your home systems in a Mac environment, Thecus NAS can help expand and centralize your Mac infrastructure. Whether you want to strengthen collaboration in the office, increase security or need more space, Thecus has you covered.

    Centralize your Mac ecosystem

    Thecus NASes offer a central hub for your digital information. This centralization of your information enables fast and easy access, sharing and saving of files. Accelerate effective collaboration in the workplace and better connectivity to all your Mac IoT devices at home.

    Back up files to your Thecus NAS with Time Machine

    Time Machine is a simple backup software application that is installed on every Mac; allowing users to automatically backup their entire Mac to an external source. ThecusOS 7.0 includes built-in support for Time Machine, enabling you to leverage the huge storage capacity of a Thecus NAS. Whenever the need arises, users can simply go back in time and recover their files effortlessly.

    Your new iTunes server

    Owners of immense audio libraries, there is absolutely no need to slim down your treasured collection of songs, audiobooks, and podcasts you’ve collected over the years. Entrust your Thecus NAS as your new iTunes Server. Save, share and enjoy your collection music wherever you are, freeing up your Mac for other applications.

    Recommended NAS

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    Eliminate storage performance bottlenecks with Thecus All-Flash Arrays

    June 22nd, 2017

    The surge of IoT devices and richer data streams has led to a data explosion; huge databases now populate the globe storing high levels of information. The information in these vast data graveyards result in slow processing when looking for specific results. Thecus’ LightningPro series powerfully resolves issues faced by systems that need to read and write large amounts of data quickly.

    Accessing these immense databases of huge raw files—from high-frequency trading to real-time risk management—microseconds translate to opportunities created or opportunities lost. By implementing Thecus’ all-flash storage solutions, enterprises will avert I/O performance bottlenecks, minimizing I/O latency and accelerate transactional performance.

    All-flash arrays offer IOPS performance that is hundreds of times faster than conventional spinning hard drives.

    Thecus’ LightningPRO series currently comprises of the SC180 and SE300. The SC180 is a 1U rackmount that delivers 360K sustained IOPS with 10 hot-swappable SATA SSDs. For more power, the SE300 is also a 1U Rackmount, yet delivers extremely high transfer speed of more than 700K IOPS for 4KB random writes with 8 SSDs using the NVMe interface which gives the whole system a lot more performance.

    For more information about the LightningPRO SE300, go to:

    For more information about the LightningPRO SC180, go to:

    For more information on where to buy this product, please go to:

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    Thecus® Releases the Next Generation of ThecusOS 7.0

    June 15th, 2017

    Thecus® Technology Corp has released a major update to ThecusOS 7.0, it brings forth a fresh new visual operational experience, greater flexibility with Scale-Out, with accelerated performance to Thecus’ extensive NAS portfolio. This latest iteration is now live and available to update for existing Thecus NAS currently running on ThecusOS 7.0.

    “The latest evolution of ThecusOS 7.0 delivers a totally revamped user experience, boosting productivity and efficiency in the office and home. Also adding greater flexibility with Scale-Out and faster speeds, Thecus has significantly improved their NAS experience,” said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp.

    Accelerated Speed

    Running on new software framework, increased webpage rendering allows for faster operational speeds. There will be noticeable improvement with NAS models that operate with older processors.

    Strengthened and Solidified

    This latest iteration of ThecusOS 7.0 builds upon the strength of previous versions, now being fully evolved into a multi-functional, fully stable and intelligent OS.

    Professional and Entrancing New Interface

    Users now have the choice of settings in relation to the appearance of Thecus OS7’s user interface. In this latest version, a new item called “Preference Settings” has been introduced. This can be found under the “General Settings” dropdown menu tree list. This new item provides access to a modern interface with new theme support, with spectacular backgrounds, icons and fonts.

    By selecting “Preference Settings”, users are given access to multiple choices concerning the UI’s visual display. Choose from “Classic” or “Dark”, preference for “Desktop color” as well as the background image. For the UI background image, users can select from system default list or upload an image Experience a smoother, more intuitive and visually pleasing browsing experience.

    Greater Flexibility with Scale-Out

    ThecusOS7 now allows the Scale-Out function to be executed with only a single unit, optimal for businesses that are on a tight budget, but predict that they will seek larger capacity in the future.

    To further discover the full capacity of the new ThecusOS 7.0, go to

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    Thecus® Launches 2U Rackmount NAS, the N8910

    May 24th, 2017

    Thecus Technology Corp announced the expansion of its rackmount NAS line up with the addition of the N8910. This high-performance 2U rackmount delivers massive scalability, trail-blazing speed for data-intensive applications with uncompromising reliability for service continuity. The N8910 provides the ideal storage solution for SMB businesses that face escalating data workloads.

    The N8910 delivers on the key attributes that companies seek from a server, a robust hardware platform, capacity to handle rigorous day-to-day operations, with ensured data protection for unwavering security,” said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp.

    The N8910 leverages an Intel Skylake Core i3 6100 Dual Core 3.7GHz processor, with 4GB of DDR4 ECC SDRAM, which can be expanded to 64G. This NAS features AES 256-bit full NAS volume encryption to improve overall system performance when protecting file transfers.  This model has 10GbE capability and supports High Availability for system redundancy, with capacity for massive expansion with Scale-Out technology.

    The N8910 is easily navigated with Thecus’ next-generation of ThecusOS7. With an intuitive user interface, users can effortlessly access data and desired applications, monitor system information and run multiple tasks simultaneously. The Thecus App center offers a full range of applications including file management, sharing, backup, and synchronization.

    Key specifications

    • Intel® Core™ i3 6100 Dual Core 3.7GHz processor+ Intel C236 chipset, 4GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 64GB).
    • Supports 8 x 3.5/2.5-inch hard drive/SSDs, hot-swapping as well as easy migration to a new Thecus NAS.
    • 2 x GbE LAN ports; 1 x HDMI output; 4 x USB 3.0 ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports.
    • Cloud backup to Dropbox, ElephantDrive and Amazon S3. With backup features including local and remote backups, System Failover, and Snapshot Backup using the Btrfs file system.
    • Capacity for massive expansion with Scale-Out technology.


    The N8910 will be available to the global market at the end of June.

    Discover all the opportunities the Thecus N8910 can bring to your business at

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    Thecus® NAS now Support WD’s Next Generation of 10TB Helium-Based Hard Drives

    May 19th, 2017

    Thecus Technology Corp proudly announces the addition of Western Digital’s next generation of Red® and WD Red Pro NAS hard drives to its NAS compatibility list. These soon to be released 10TB capacity models are optimized for use in personal, home and small to medium business NAS systems.

    Designed with Western Digital’s HelioSeal® helium-technology, the WD Red 10TB hard drive provides higher capacity and performance to meet the increasing storage needs of always-on, single-to-8-bay NAS systems. The helium-based design enables a 25 percent capacity increase from the WD Red 8TB NAS storage drive. With support for up to 16 bays in tower- and rack-based systems, the WD Red Pro 10TB hard drive delivers the same high performance, reliability and capacity to systems operating in up to 16 bay NAS systems.

    “The WD Red 10 TB drives bring a much-needed capacity increase for SOHO and SMB users managing their personal and private clouds. These drives, along with our Thecus NAS units, will provide high-powered, comprehensive solutions to the storage industry, and we are pleased to expand our work with Western Digital to provide high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective NAS solutions for our SOHO and SMB customers,” said Florence Shih, General Manager, Thecus.

     “In July 2012, we introduced the WD Red line to address the unique performance, compatibility and scalability challenges facing home and small business NAS customers,” said Brendan Collins, vice president, devices business unit at Western Digital. “Five years and over 16 million WD Red family hard drives later, we continue to advance the platform, bringing our innovative HelioSeal platform and other advanced technologies that allow customers to meet their evolving private cloud needs.”


    These hard drives have a global shipping date anticipated for May 31st. The WD Red 10TB NAS hard drives feature a three-year limited warranty and a $494.00 USD manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The WD Red Pro 10TB drives feature a five-year limited warranty and a $533.00 USD MSRP.

    More information about WD Red hard drives, go to

    For the full Thecus NAS compatibility list, go to:

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    Thecus® Announces New Economical 4-Bay Rackmount N4820U NAS Series

    May 8th, 2017

    Thecus Technology Corp. has released their latest budget-friendly 4-bay 1U Rackmount NAS series to the market, the N4820U. Ideal for growing small and medium-sized businesses, it delivers reliable high performance to meet the storage demands of evolving workload demands.

    “The new N4820U series provides a low acquisition cost for SMB users seeking reliable high performance from their NAS solution,” says Florence Shih, General Manager at Thecus Technology Corp.

    The N4820U series are powered by the Intel® Celeron N3450 1.1GHz Burst to 2.2GHz Quad Core Server CPU, 4GB of resilient DDR3 RAM, upgradable to 8GB. The N4820U series include two versions of this model. The N4820U -S has a single standard built in power supply unit, alternatively the N4820U -R offers a redundant power supply.

    The N4820U series offers complete data backup and protection capabilities: Thin provisioning, replication for disaster recovery, snapshot technology (Btrfs only), Data Guard for disaster recovery (for real-time remote or local backup) as well as backup to cloud services including DropBox, ElephantDrive, and Amazon S3.  It comes bundled with both Acronis True Image and Intel Security for uncompromising data security.

    Running the latest ThecusOS 7.0, the N4820U series offers a large suite of capabilities and supports a vast amount of 3rd party solution apps as well as complete Scale Out functionality. With Scale Out, businesses can avoid costly revamps of their data centers by flexibly adding additional NAS devices to expand storage capacity.

    The N4820U series offer robust, reliable and affordable SMB/Enterprise storage solutions which further deliver on Thecus’ ethos of ‘empowering professionals’.

    Availability: Units will be available now

    For more information about the N4820U series , go to:

    For more information on where to buy this product, go to:

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    Thecus® Debuts All-Flash Array Storage Series

    May 4th, 2017

    Thecus Technology Corp officially launched their new line of All-Flash Array Storage. Thecus’ LightningPRO series deliver top-tier productivity, being optimized to handle business-critical applications for large enterprises. With mainstream 10GbE connectivity, over 700K IOPS and data protection features, businesses can now be equipped with these highly proficient performance storage devices.

    “Thecus has taken a bold new step in the storage industry. The new LightningPRO series provides companies with blazing reading and data exchange speeds to their back-end storage”, said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp. “For companies that deal with high-performance applications such as virtual infrastructures or transactional databases, the performance of these all-flash disk arrays is without equal.”

    Thecus’ LightingPRO series currently comprises of the SC180 and SE300. The SC180 is a 1U rackmount that delivers 360K sustained IOPS with 10 hot-swappable SATA SSDs. For more power, the SE300 is also a 1U Rackmount, yet delivers extremely high transfer speed of more than 700K IOPS for 4KB random writes with 8 SSDs using the NVMe interface which gives the whole system a lot more performance.

    Thecus utilizes FlexiRemap technologywhich reorders random write data into sequential traffic to increase write performance. Unlike RAID algorithms, FlexiRemap remaps the data whenever beneficial before passing it to the underlying flash memory, avoiding unnecessary overhead and extending the lifespan of SSDs. That allows businesses to remove bottlenecks and achieve sub-millisecond performance.

    LightningPRO Series Highlights

    • Powerful performance, over 700K IOPS at predictable response times under 1ms
    • Sustained performance over time, regardless of workload intensity
    • Everything is built into the software platform
    • Extended array and SSD lifespan
    • Fault tolerance and automatic data reconstruction upon drive replacement
    • Low TCO and high energy efficiency, enabling enterprises and datacenters to do more with less

    For more information about the LightningPRO SE300, go to:

    For more information about the LightningPRO SC180, go to:

    1. FlexiRemap is the trademark or registered trademark of AccelStor, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries.

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    Repel Unwelcome Guests with Access Guard with ThecusOS 7.0

    May 3rd, 2017

    When your NAS is connected to the Internet, it can be target to very high amount of attacks. Using a firewall is a good option but it can be expensive and hard to maintain. With Access Guard, you are able to decide which device can or cannot access your NAS by filtering its IP and/or MAC address, adding an extra layer of security to your Thecus NAS.

    Access Guard also proves itself useful on local networks, it delivers even more security than when used with the internet: protecting a teacher’s account on a school intranet, keeping confidential HR files, guarding critical blueprints and assuring private data safety.
    This article shows how to install, set up and easily run Access Guard on your NAS with ThecusOS 7.0.

    Step 1. Open the App Center on ThecusOS 7.0 and install Access Guard

    You should be logged in as an administrator to install apps.

    You can find the Access Guard app in the “Recommend” category of the app center explorer. Click install to install the app.

    Step 2. Configure your Network Interface settings

    Upon opening the app, you will come across the below menu. Here you can configure your settings.

    You can now add rules to either allow or deny specific IP or MAC addresses to filter who can access your data. Simply click on the Add+ icon and fill out the specific information.
    If you choose not to add rules, you need to select this in your default policy.
    After adding a rule, you must click the Apply button for the changes to take effect. There is a maximum of 100 rules per network interface.

    This app strongly complements the McAfee antivirus VirusScan module. Access Guard will enhance the overall security of your NAS, and it’s completely free!

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