The “Internet of Things”, in short: IoT, is generating more and more buzz. Connecting not just intelligent but also everyday devices is a relatively new trend in the last few years but according to market researchers, around 50 billion devices will be part of the IoT in the year 2020.

The “Internet of Things” spans connected devices of very different molds. It ranges from the speed checker on the side of the road or the implanted heart rate monitor to cars and planes which are connected to the internet. The IoT is regarded as a combination of hardware, software, data and services. The devices are measuring, sensing and recording and sharing the data with other devices or a control center. Many devices can be remotely controlled, too, for example a coffee machine, light bulbs and the thermostat in your “Smart Home” or the traffic lights in the “Smart City” that are managed according to traffic streams.

All those devices have one thing in common – they produce enormous amounts of data – what now is commonly called “Big Data”. This requires not just a lot of storage space but also secure protection of the data and fast access to it. Thecus offers many different solutions for this, for example the N16850 rackmount NAS with a capacity of up to 128 TByte for data centers – through daisy chaining with up to four D16000 DAS this can be even 640 TByte. But home users are also well advised to use a NAS at home like the N2810 or the N5810 series if different devices want to access the same data or share a printer or if you need remote access to your data by notebook or smartphone when on the road.

The Internet of Things is rapidly growing and Thecus is prepared – are you?

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