Monthly Archives: October 2016

Thecus® becomes an Intel® Storage Builder Strategy Partner


Thecus® Technology Corp, has proudly become an Intel® Storage Builder Partner. This program supports members that leverage Intel® architecture, to propel storage innovation and to accelerate optimized solutions to market. Intel® Storage Builder members are given access to the tools, resources, and support they need to push boundaries and develop next gen storage solutions for the enterprise and cloud. “Thecus® is pleased to join the Intel® Storage Builders program. The Intel® Builders program provides Thecus® with a […]

Thecus® Announces Launch of Two New SAS-Enabled Rackmount NAS, the N12910SAS and N16910SAS


Thecus® Technology Corp. today officially launched their enterprise-class SAS-enabled NAS series, the N12910SAS and N16910SAS. These supercharged 12-bay and 16-bay network-attached storage solutions offer massive scalability, trail-blazing speed with uncompromising reliability for optimal data storage performance. “With the launch of the N12910SAS and N16910SAS, Thecus powerfully delivers a storage solution that can expertly cater to business environments that deal with demanding data workloads. Their next generation hardware allows businesses to access their business critical data faster and with greater […]

Thecus collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutions


Thecus Technology Corp, today announced it has joined Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring customers get IoT solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services. Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT allows businesses to reach customers where they are, working with an ecosystem of devices and platforms, allowing for faster time to production. Benefitting from this collaboration is Thecus’ […]

3 Decisive ways NAS is better than Cloud Storage


Now firmly in the age of big data, an excessive amount of personal and business information is being created every day, making it a necessity to utilize a reliable storage solution. Public cloud storage has boomed in the past decade, with the large operators now having hundreds of millions of users. But is there a better alternative? Network Attached Storage offers users enhanced performance, and privacy compared to the public cloud alternative, plus in some […]