Monthly Archives: March 2016

Link Aggregation: A Feature of a Modern NAS


Do you have a fast local network and a modern NAS like the Thecus N2810 or the N5810(PRO)? Then you may want to consider utilizing “Link Aggregation”, one of the many features these devices offer. By deploying multiple Ethernet ports on the NAS with a switch or router, you can increase data security and maximize the performance of the NAS. Thecus NAS give you a choice of different modes of link aggregation. For example, you […]

Thecus® Announces Launch of Two New Rackmount NAS, the N12580 and N16850


Thecus Technology Corp, today announced the launch of two new enterprise-class NAS, the N12850 and N16850. These 12 and 16-bay network-attached storage solutions offer massive scalability, exceptional performance, supporting cross-platform file sharing, schedulable snapshots and resilient data integrity, to ensure a highly efficient working environment. “Businesses today are seeking a NAS system that can best handle the demanding day-to-day high storage needs that occur in the workplace. Our new enterprise-class N12850 and N16850 NAS series are the solution. […]