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HA: two letters for a lot of thinking

Thecus High-Availability

Introduction HA stands for High Availability and was at first a computer design approach.  Then it evolved into a more complex paradigm and a Linux-based solution. We’ll talk about both of those aspects. Everything started with the urging needs of more and more available for applications: banking, science, cloud computing, e-mail, gaming and so one. The goal is to get as close as possible from 100% available, which means 0 interruption of service since the […]

NAS in the Cloud

NAS in the Cloud, personal cloud.

The idea of the “Cloud” has been slowly introduced over the past few years, but rarely well explained. Many even use the Cloud every day of their lives, but when asked what it is, simply give a shrug of the shoulders and a bleary eyed “I dunno”. Very simply put, the Cloud is what we have come to know as services on the Internet. Gmail, the iPhone App Store, and Facebook are all concrete examples […]