Monthly Archives: May 2012

NAS in the Home


  NAS in the Home NAS are steadily encroaching on the server market from the higher end, but the more interesting story is the largely untapped market that is home NAS. In the past, there was never a need for a networked device because there were too many barriers to making it practical: slow networks, expensive hard drives, difficult setup. As time goes by, the standard infrastructure is getting more and more suited to running […]

What is NAS?


  Network attached storage. A storage unit that can be accessed over a network. A server that you don’t need an MS in electrical engineering to run. Something that could have saved my pictures when my entire photo library was deleted with my hard drive when upgrading my computer’s system 5 years ago. NAS are a bit of a mystery to the average user, many of whom have still not even heard of the concept […]