Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with W2810PRO


  Thecus® Technology Corp. today announced the launch of the W2810PRO, the latest addition to its Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS series. The enhanced W2810PRO is equipped with the Intel® Celeron™ N3150 quad-core processor and 4 GB DDR3 RAM and provides a robust, centralized storage solution for SMB to access, share, and manage files securely. “Adding to the success of the original Windows Storage server 2012 solutions from Thecus, the W2810PRO provides increased […]

Thecus® Announces Processor and RAM Upgrade for N2810


Thecus today announced the release of the N2810PLUS, an upgraded version of the N2810 that will come equipped with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and the next generation Intel Celeron N3150 Quad Core processor, allowing users to access improved speed and processing power. This high-performance 2-bay NAS server fulfills the demand for home and small office users who are eager for impregnable protection of their data, while enjoying enhanced Multimedia Playback with 4K video resolution. Designed […] now available for Thecus® Linux NAS


After the success of the solution for Windows Storage Server Essentials NAS, Thecus® Technology Corp and its partner Orbweb Inc. have decided to bring to Linux NAS devices. This intuitive application brings a new remote access experience to Thecus Linux NAS from web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. is a P2P module that allows users to easily view, stream and manage files in their NAS anytime and anywhere. No […]

Thecus® and Intel® Continue Successful Strategic Partnership


As strategic partners for well over a decade, Thecus Technology Corp and Intel Technology have been working side by side to redefine the NAS technology industry. With innovation as both their company directives, they have been boldly pushing the boundaries of performance, security and reliability of their NAS solutions. With each product release, Thecus  has ensured that they deliver the latest processing power that Intel, the world’s leading processor manufacturer, has to offer the NAS […]

Link Aggregation: A Feature of a Modern NAS


Do you have a fast local network and a modern NAS like the Thecus N2810 or the N5810(PRO)? Then you may want to consider utilizing “Link Aggregation”, one of the many features these devices offer. By deploying multiple Ethernet ports on the NAS with a switch or router, you can increase data security and maximize the performance of the NAS. Thecus NAS give you a choice of different modes of link aggregation. For example, you […]

Thecus® Announces Launch of Two New Rackmount NAS, the N12580 and N16850


Thecus Technology Corp, today announced the launch of two new enterprise-class NAS, the N12850 and N16850. These 12 and 16-bay network-attached storage solutions offer massive scalability, exceptional performance, supporting cross-platform file sharing, schedulable snapshots and resilient data integrity, to ensure a highly efficient working environment. “Businesses today are seeking a NAS system that can best handle the demanding day-to-day high storage needs that occur in the workplace. Our new enterprise-class N12850 and N16850 NAS series are the solution. […]

Comprehensive Thecus® Photo Center Unveiled with Introduction of ThecusOS 7.0


ThecusOS 7.0 provides a new, intuitive operating system that provides a comprehensive set of utilities that offers an unrivaled user experience.The latest ThecusOS brings many changes to Thecus NAS user´s experience and one of the most attractive ones is Photo Center. Photo Center is an in-house developed app by Thecus Technology Corp. This intuitive module allows users to create a unique photo gallery to share files with friends and family. Photo Center is also a […]

Thecus® Adds Compatibility for motionEye Surveillance Application


Thecus Technology Corp. today announced compatibility with motionEye, a robust open source surveillance application. This new feature increases the functionality of the Thecus NAS with a comprehensive module to watch every corner of your home or business. With the advancement in surveillance technology and the decreasing cost of deploying a proper security system, demand for surveillance solutions has increased drastically. motionEye provides a smooth and intuitive user experience while role-based access control provides permissions management which […]

NAS to Redefine Home Multimedia Center Experience


Thecus has been a leader in the data storage industry for quite a while, and has gained reputation as a trustworthy provider of reliable solutions for government authorities, big corporations and scientific research institutions. Beyond just industrial solutions, the company has made a lot of development towards the home/SOHO user segment as well. It is no secret that home multimedia centers are becoming an essential attribute of every home. Why is that? Multimedia centers are […]

Thecus®Announces Intel® Powered N2810 for Ultimate Multimedia Experience


  Thecus® Technology Corp. today announced the launch of its newest 2-bay NAS, the N2810, a NAS server designed to optimize multitasking and provide seamless 4K multimedia playback. The N2810 is equipped with the newest generation Intel Braswell N3050 1.6 GHz dual-core processors (burst to 2.16 GHz) and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Furthermore the N2810 supports AES-NI encryption engine for increased performance and enhanced security. “The N2810 steps up to the challenges that 4K playback […]