Thecus® Adds Compatibility for motionEye Surveillance Application


Thecus Technology Corp. today announced compatibility with motionEye, a robust open source surveillance application. This new feature increases the functionality of the Thecus NAS with a comprehensive module to watch every corner of your home or business. With the advancement in surveillance technology and the decreasing cost of deploying a proper security system, demand for surveillance solutions has increased drastically. motionEye provides a smooth and intuitive user experience while role-based access control provides permissions management which […]

NAS to Redefine Home Multimedia Center Experience


Thecus has been a leader in the data storage industry for quite a while, and has gained reputation as a trustworthy provider of reliable solutions for government authorities, big corporations and scientific research institutions. Beyond just industrial solutions, the company has made a lot of development towards the home/SOHO user segment as well. It is no secret that home multimedia centers are becoming an essential attribute of every home. Why is that? Multimedia centers are […]

Thecus®Announces Intel® Powered N2810 for Ultimate Multimedia Experience


  Thecus® Technology Corp. today announced the launch of its newest 2-bay NAS, the N2810, a NAS server designed to optimize multitasking and provide seamless 4K multimedia playback. The N2810 is equipped with the newest generation Intel Braswell N3050 1.6 GHz dual-core processors (burst to 2.16 GHz) and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Furthermore the N2810 supports AES-NI encryption engine for increased performance and enhanced security. “The N2810 steps up to the challenges that 4K playback […]

Thecus Release ThecusOS™ 7.0 Beta

20151222 (2)

  Thecus Technology Corp. today announced the continued development of ThecusOS 7.0, the latest version of its intuitive data management system, and has now made a demo available on the Thecus website. Designed on 64-bit architecture and compliant with HTML5, the new OS delivers significant improvements in design, performance, and user experience. “Individuals and businesses alike demand storage solutions that provide productivity, efficiency, and agility, said Florence Shih, CEO at Thecus Technology Corp. With the […]

P2P Sharing with Transmission on Thecus NAS


One of the most revolutionary tools that the internet era has to offer is peer to peer (P2P) file sharing. With this technology users are be able to share big data from every corner of the world with internet access. At the same time, this great solution comes with an urgent necessity: storage space. 4K and Blu-ray video are just a few examples of blossoming technologies that require large data capacity. So what can you […]

Thecus® Expands Windows Storage Server Line-up with W5810


Thecus® Technology Corp. today announced the launch of the latest addition to its Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS series, the enhanced W5810 equipped with the quad core Intel® Celeron™ 2.0 GHz processor and 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Designed for small and medium businesses of up to 50 employees, the W5810 provides a robust, centralized storage solution for businesses to access, share, and manage files securely within a network while simultaneously hosting PC backups […]

How Utilizing Thin Provisioning Can Optimize Organizational Data Storage Infrastructure


Since its inception in computing, thin provisioning has gained increased popularity and demand from those who build data storage systems. In order to accommodate this trend, App and operating system developers began to ensure that their software supported this advanced technology. Thin provisioning is a very powerful tool to optimize storage utilization. It radically simplifies storage allocation by providing storage space only as needed. This is done by allocating resources on a first-come, first-serve basis […]

The Next Generation NAS: Thecus’ Award-Winning N5810PRO NAS with Built-in Mini-UPS Now Available Globally


With data security becoming such an integral part of our digital lives, Thecus’ introduction of the N5810PRO provides consumers data security from both unforeseen human and natural factors. As the only network-attached storage (NAS) device on the market equipped with a built-in mini-UPS, the N5810PRO offers unparalleled data security. The 5-bay NAS also comes with free Intel Security and offers several levels of RAID to ensure data is safe from cyber attacks and unexpected failures. […]

Is your SMB Prepared for Unexpected Outages or Disruptions of Services?


Research shows that many SMBs who rely heavily on being online, at all times, to be unprepared for downtime that can significantly impact their customers and their business. Many only take action after a major loss has been experienced. This may result in major losses in both immediate and long-term business. SMBs highly vulnerable to disaster More than half of SMBs globally do not have a plan in place to deter the effects of downtime. […]

Thecus® Enterprise Solutions for Businesses: Daisy-Chaining


IT professionals in enterprise businesses must often times ask themselves how much storage capacity is enough. This can be a very difficult question as new technologies are constantly emerging with many of them requiring large amounts of data capacity to implement. Also, businesses can grow exponentially in very short periods of time and this can require a timely solution for data volume expansion. This is where daisy-chaining comes into play. Daisy-chaining allows for swift and […]