How Utilizing Thin Provisioning Can Optimize Organizational Data Storage Infrastructure


Since its inception in computing, thin provisioning has gained increased popularity and demand from those who build data storage systems. In order to accommodate this trend, App and operating system developers began to ensure that their software supported this advanced technology. Thin provisioning is a very powerful tool to optimize storage utilization. It radically simplifies storage allocation by providing storage space only as needed. This is done by allocating resources on a first-come, first-serve basis […]

The Next Generation NAS: Thecus’ Award-Winning N5810PRO NAS with Built-in Mini-UPS Now Available Globally


With data security becoming such an integral part of our digital lives, Thecus’ introduction of the N5810PRO provides consumers data security from both unforeseen human and natural factors. As the only network-attached storage (NAS) device on the market equipped with a built-in mini-UPS, the N5810PRO offers unparalleled data security. The 5-bay NAS also comes with free Intel Security and offers several levels of RAID to ensure data is safe from cyber attacks and unexpected failures. […]


Research shows that many SMBs who rely heavily on being online, at all times, to be unprepared for downtime that can significantly impact their customers and their business. Many only take action after a major loss has been experienced. This may result in major losses in both immediate and long-term business. SMBs highly vulnerable to disaster More than half of SMBs globally do not have a plan in place to deter the effects of downtime. […]

Thecus® Enterprise Solutions for Businesses: Daisy-Chaining


IT professionals in enterprise businesses must often times ask themselves how much storage capacity is enough. This can be a very difficult question as new technologies are constantly emerging with many of them requiring large amounts of data capacity to implement. Also, businesses can grow exponentially in very short periods of time and this can require a timely solution for data volume expansion. This is where daisy-chaining comes into play. Daisy-chaining allows for swift and […]

Thecus® Adds N5810 to 5-Bay NAS Line-up


Thecus today announced the launch of its newest 5-bay NAS, the N5810 that offers optimized performance with an advanced set of features for both home and business users. The N5810 features an Intel Celeron processor J1900 Quad Core 2.0 GHz SoC and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM that can be expanded to 8GB for further performance optimization. “The N5810 provides an ideal solution for home and business users who require an economical, high performance storage […]

Enterprise Solutions for Businesses: 10GbE and Link Aggregation


It is no secret that we are living in a world of information. Analysts say that the volume of information multiplies at the rate of a minimum of 65% each year. That can be easily explained, as we have a massive deployment of CRM and ERP systems, big data obsession and like never before, a necessity to back up business data to protect organizations from cyber-attacks. And those are just a few of the reasons […]

Thecus® Adds System Failover Feature in Firmware Update For ThecusOS™ 5.0


With its most recent firmware (2.05.12) update, Thecus has added its System Failover feature to ThecusOS 5.0. By utilizing System Failover, users will be able to create data, network, and system redundancy, minimizing disruptions in workflow and increasing operational efficiency. The Thecus System Failover feature is a fault tolerance process that creates mirrored data volumes.  With at least two Thecus NAS available, data is copied by schedule and all changes are mirrored between the two […]

How to Transform your Thecus® NAS into a powerful Multimedia center with Kodi


The majority of Thecus NAS come equipped with HDMI ports allowing users to connect directly to their local display devices. This provides a host of benefits, one of those being the ability to take advantage of the award-winning Kodi software. Kodi transforms your Thecus NAS into a robust multimedia center for playing videos, music, pictures, games and more.  Kodi supports a long list of media formats and runs on Linux, OSX, Windows iOS, and Android. […]

DIY Home Surveillance Using Thecus® NAS


With so many new technologies coming out and becoming affordable to larger audiences, it is no surprise that home monitoring is becoming a trend. Whether you are trying to sneak a peek at a mischievous pet, keep an eye on the kids, or catch a burglar in the act, you can now put together a DIY security system with a regular webcam or USB camera and your Thecus NAS. This is all made possible by […]

Leverage the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud on Thecus® NAS


Within the next 2-3 years we will see significant changes related to businesses moving their data and operations from public cloud to private cloud or finding optimal balance between private and public infrastructures. As the amount of digital data continues to increase, the necessity to find more cost-effective, and at the same time, absolutely secure ways of data storage and management becomes more apparent. The burden of finding complete storage solutions that can be managed […]